Justin Balsillie

Academy Trainer - Harcourts Victoria Corporate Office

Meet Justin Balsillie, Academy Trainer and Business Development Manager with Harcourts Victoria. With extensive experience in sales, Justin made the next logical progression in his career when he joined the real-estate industry in 1998.
Despite working in the sector for over twenty years, Justin still radiates the wide-eyed enthusiasm of a new graduate. He is able to maintain this youthful eagerness because his roles are so diverse:
“There is no such thing as a typical day; I could be in a training room, planning visits to offices or spending time face-to-face with business owners, salespeople, property managers and administrators.”
In his career to date, Justin has trained thousands of students in a variety of real-estate courses. The course for Agent’s representatives explores the opportunities that exist in the industry and instils salespeople and property managers with the knowledge and skills to establish themselves in the industry from a licensing perspective. From there, Harcourts have a number of courses that enable salespeople, property managers and administrators to become aware of the resources available to them and develop skills that are aimed at increasing their rates of success.
Prior to joining Harcourts in early 2015, Justin was already known in the sector through his work as Senior Trainer
at the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV), where he managed all staff and contract trainers. As part of his role with the REIV, Justin also implemented and managed several professional development courses. In particular, he assists salespeople with strategies for developing their business plan, winning business and keeping clients for life.
Justin, who describes himself as a ‘people person’, works in a team of nine. He believes success is achieved in a collaborative fashion through a lot of effort and dedication, and always ensuring you have the client’s best interests at heart.
When he is not working, Justin may be found down at the local footy oval or cricket pitch. He is heavily involved in the local sporting clubs, both AFL Auskick and Cricket, serving on boards, and as a coach and umpire. Father to four boys, Justin understands the importance of prioritisation to ensure your professional goals enable you to achieve your personal goals.
Justin is proud to be part of Harcourts and sees the culture at Harcourts being the strength of the organisation:
“Harcourts has the systems, networks, policies, procedures, and resources in place to achieve success, and if they don’t have the resources currently, they have the people in place to establish these new resources.”
Justin believes the difference lies in the willingness of Harcourts staff to assist each other for the good of the client:
“All we have to do is pick up the phone, and someone is eager to assist us to achieve results – this is a recipe for success.”

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