Paul Blakeley

Chief Executive Officer - Perth State Office

Chief Executive Officer Paul Blakeley heads up a team of five at the Harcourts WA office. Paul joined Harcourts in March 2014 after working as a General Manager for an independent Real Estate Group for 5 years. Paul’s background also includes working for 10-12 years in the banking and finance industry. In his previous role as a mortgage lender, he worked closely with real-estate agents and received many referrals. Indeed, he joined the real-estate industry when he was approached by one such agency and asked to be their regional manager for WA. Paul’s financial background affords him a unique position; he can empathise with the emotional rollercoaster experienced when buying and selling a house, and he also has a well-founded knowledge of the financial ‘nuts and bolts’ of real-estate, such as cashflows and budgeting.
Working with Harcourts Paul quickly realised the amount of hard work and level of dedication required to serve real-estate clients well. ‘Clients for life’ is a mantra for all staff:
“We deal with people on a personal level, it’s not all about the end transaction, it’s about getting people from Plan A to Plan B with the least possible stress by focusing on them and their needs. Our goal is to for anyone who encounters Harcourts, in whichever capacity, to be better off for that experience”.
The culture of Harcourts resembles that of a large family:
“Whether you are interacting with receptionists, administrators or the managing director of the company internationally, everyone gets treated the same with the same respect – there is very little hierarchy.”
Perhaps the most admirable aspect of Harcourts is the company’s focus on growth at all levels, locally, nationally and internationally. Indeed, ‘Good to Great’ by Jim Collins, a highly-valued text within Harcourts, describes the concept of a ‘big hairy, audacious goal’. The goal the company works towards depends on their vision of utopia. Paul says the Harcourts brand aims to become synonymous with a trusted advisor who can take care of a person’s biggest asset.
Paul’s role, therefore, is to train his staff in all the systems and processes available so that they become more successful employees. He then has the responsibility of growing the brand by encouraging quality people to join his team. He is an experienced communicator who enjoys interacting with a diverse range of people.
Paul recognises the importance of giving back to the local community. As well as joining in the Harcourts Foundation’s ‘Walk a Mile’ event in support of White Ribbon, Harcourts WA has also been a proud sponsor of the Dyslexia-SPELD Foundation. In a fundraising campaign where Harcourts donated $50 for every goal the Fremantle Dockers kicked in the 2015 season, they raised nearly $15,000 for the Foundation. Similarly, nearly $15,000 was recently donated to the WA Bushfire Appeal.
Paul’s passion for his job is evidenced by his willingness to do whatever is required to better assist his clients. Indeed, his work ethic truly embodies the organisation’s values of ‘do the right thing’ and ‘people first’. He would love to share the culture of Harcourts with those outside the team, and looks forward to expanding the positive impact of Harcourts into the future.

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