Emma Gordon

Property Management Operations Manager - Harcourts Victoria Corporate Office

Emma Gordon embodies the phrase ‘Carpe Diem - Seize the Day’. Upon completion of her VCE Emma undertook a twelve-month real estate traineeship which included the completion of her agent’s representative certificate. During this time, Emma discovered that she had a keen interest in property management. Following the completion of her traineeship she was offered a full time property management position, which is where her career truly began. She then put herself through night school to achieve the full license required to open her own business.

Emma was inspired to open a business that’s sole focus was on property management. This was innovative at the time when most property management companies were just the essential add on to the stronger sales focused businesses. At the age of twenty-six she bought her first real estate business and at the age of 28 rebranded to realize her dream of opening an exclusive property management business and opened Gordon & Lloyd property management. She worked under her own brand for eight years then rebranded to Harcourts to take advantage of their industry leading technology. Emma sold her business in 2010 after twelve years to have more time with her family. After taking time out and finding a real work / life balance, she joined Harcourts Victoria’s corporate office in the role of Property Management Operations Manager over seven years ago.

As her title suggests, Emma provides property management support to the Harcourts Victorian offices. Indeed, her key responsibilities involve providing support to business owners, property managers and business development managers in various capacities. Emma runs a series of training programmes teaching those that are brand new to property management, right up to those with over 20 years’ experience. She consults to over sixty Harcourts offices and assists with their business planning, recruitment and staffing matters, and helps with advice to refine office procedures so that the property management departments of each branch are more effective, more profitable and achieve growth of their rent role. In addition, Emma manages a helpdesk service for Harcourts property managers to contact with questions or problems. As part of the operations team, she works with other property management operation managers around Australia to enhance the services they deliver to the Harcourts offices and develop new concepts.

On a typical work day, she plans training, reviews new training programs or technology platforms for the property management industry, corresponds with the public, assists and visits Harcourts offices to enhance their performance, attends appointments with new contractors, meets with the national team and plans her field visits to the different Harcourts branches.

Emma says property management is an often-misunderstood profession. It requires strong negotiation and mediation skills, patience, understanding and empathy. It is a property manager’s responsibility to keep everyone (landlords, tenants and tradespeople) happy. A property manager often finds themselves working in the role of counselor or psychologist, helping to solve people’s problems, or may act as a legal representative if a case goes to VCAT. They meet constant deadlines and work to get great results even when unrealistic expectations are set: “You have to be multi-skilled and multi-connected to get a great outcome”.

With such busy days, Emma would be forgiven for wanting to spend her non-working days relaxing and taking it easy. Instead, Emma loves to watch her children play the many sports that they are involved in, including netball, basketball, football, soccer and water polo. When there is time to spare she and her husband love to take the children snow-skiing, camping, to the footy or to the beach. Being with her children dissolves the stress that sometimes results from Emma wanting to do her best for her clients: “To me, family is everything and working in a job that I love gives me great satisfaction. If I have both in my life I’m happy”.

Emma sees her position as an immense privilege. She is given the opportunity to share her knowledge to help others to grow better businesses, deliver better service and achieve outstanding results.

To be successful in her role, Emma believes you need to love dealing with people, have good communication skills and be passionate about property management.

In her view, Harcourts Victoria is noticeable for its supportive environment and strong culture. This leads to open communication and a team spirit where all employees work towards the same goals.

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